About the Comic

Magpie Luck is a science fiction comic strip about a lady time traveler named Tristan and her amorphous gas cloud companion. The stories take place in a variety of eras on planet Earth. Perhaps not the same Earth you’re sitting on right now, but a similar one in any case.



Tristan is a time traveler that spends most of her time (and earns her keep) delivering messages between eras. She sticks mainly to Western cultures as they are the most similar to her own background.

Having been on Earth for a relatively short amount of time, she is far more interested in adventuring than learning the more intricate aspects of the planet’s history.



Kem is Tristan’s travel companion who also happens to be a sentient gas cloud. He is the only being capable of traveling in time alongside Tristan, much to his chagrin. Although Kem is only able to communicate with Tristan by forming shapes amidst the air, he often offers snark comments to anyone willing and able to listen.



Salvador is the owner of The Red Rook pub, circa 1982 A.D.. He doesn’t know everything about Tristan, but he knows enough to like her and feel protective of her. He works as a manager for her courier services, finding her clients, fending off the creeps, and giving her a place to stay when she’s in the era.

About the Artist

Back in 2002, I started putting comics on the Internet. Since then I've gotten a graphic design degree, a graphic design job, and a meddlesome cat named Kiya. I've lived my entire life in various parts of Pennsylvania, which has left me saying "pop" and "soda" interchangeably.

More nonsense from me can be found on my Twitter page.

If you're interested in commissions or commercial illustration, please send me an email.

My artwork can also be seen at ksekelsky.com and on my parents' refrigerator.


Katie Sekelsky

Creative Commons License

Magpie Luck is licensed under a Creative Commons License. It is made by Katie Sekelsky.