Hiatus (again)

Hey everyone. I’m very sorry to have to do this again, but I’m placing Magpie Luck on hiatus until the beginning of September. However, when I return, I will be back on a twice-weekly schedule!

And shortly after I return, my new book, The Time Traveler’s Pocket Guide will be available for sale online! That’s right. You will be able to give me money, and in return, you will get a book’s worth of time travel advice! Including such things as the time traveler’s secret handshake! And what to do in case you meet a past or future version of yourself!

So please don’t forget to come back in September! (Or before then if you care to do any re-reading!)

And in the meantime, here is a Magpie Luck minicomic for you to enjoy! http://magpieluck.com/babysitter/ (If you would like to pretend that I am not on hiatus, you are free to read one a panel a day, and I will return before you even finish!)


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