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Machine of Death Day

Hey, sorry there hasn’t been a new comic up today, due to some lame excuses. Updates will resume with Thursday’s comic! But if you haven’t already picked it up, it’s still Machine of Death Day! So be sure to order your copy! And if you’re interested in a print of my illustration from the book, […]

Machine of Death – Help an indie become a best-seller for a day!

Several years ago, David Malki ! of Wondermark, Ryan North of Dinosaur Comics, and awesome dude Matt Bennardo began collecting stories for an anthology with the following premise (in its simple form) : “What if there was a machine that could tell, from just a sample of your blood, how you were going to die?” […]

SPX / Store Updates / No Comic Tuesday

Hey all! Thanks to everyone who came out for SPX this weekend! It was fun meeting all of you, old readers and new readers alike! (and a surprising number of MaxFunsters!) Due to typical post-con tiredness, no comic today! But I will be back with the beginning of a new storyline on Thursday! Also, be […]

SPX this Weekend!

The Small Press Expo is coming up this weekend in Bethesda, Maryland! If you’re in the D.C. or Baltimore area, you should come down! I’ll be at table D1, selling the all-new Magpie Luck minicomic “Babysitter for Hire,” buttons, and prints. Not convinced yet? Other great webcomics creators that will be in attendance include David […]

I Am My Own Booth Babe

Hey folks! Since I know I have some fans who are also creators, I thought I’d point your direction up to that new Store link in the header, currently home to the new “I Am My Own Booth Babe” tshirt. Please check it out and share it amongst your cartoonist/creator friends! After SPX it will […]

You guys like voting for things, right?

Hey all, I was asked to do a cartoon for the Union Concerned Scientists’ “Science Idol” competition again this year, which means I will be part of their 2011 calendar and that I am in the running to have my cartoon on the cover (and some extra bucks, which is always nice). If you have […]

1 Year of Magpie Luck

One year ago today, I launched Magpie Luck! Thank you guys for being awesome fans, and I look forward to making more comics for you for years to come!

40th Century Jump Rope Rhymes

Alternate second verse to today’s comic: Mary’s phone had sixty apps. Her sister’s had but six. The boys would always message them, and ask to see their *clap* Now it’s your turn! Comment here with your own ideas for future-era playground rhymes!

Hopefully the Last Edit (for clarity)

I updated the final panel of comic #101 one more time, to clear up further confusion. I feel like a bit of a dope doing this again, but apparently it is hard for me to remember that you guys can’t all read my mind. Maybe someday the Internet will allow that to happen. Selectively. I […]

Site Updates

If you haven’t notice you may want to check out: Comic comment threads! Under each individual strip, there is now a link to a comment thread where you can discus the day’s comic! Just make sure to keep it civil and all that or else I will have to revoke privileges. But you guys are […]

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