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The Time Traveler’s Pocket Guide is now available online!

Hey everyone! Just a head’s up to let you all know that you can now buy the Time Traveler’s Pocket Guide online at The Chair Parade. A new Magpie Luck strip will be up later this week!

The Time Traveler’s Pocket Guide and SPX

Magpie Luck is back! Woo! This will be the only comic this week, though. Just to warn you! For anyone in the DC area, I will be exhibiting at the Small Press Expo this weekend. I hope to see some of you there. Especially because, as you may know, I am debuting my brand new […]

The Time Travel Bureau

Hey folks! Just thought I would give you a quick update to share a link to The Time Travel Bureau, which will be the home of The Time Traveler’s Pocket Guide when it is released this September. In the meantime, you can also like The Time Travel Bureau on Facebook to get more updates about […]

Hiatus (again)

Hey everyone. I’m very sorry to have to do this again, but I’m placing Magpie Luck on hiatus until the beginning of September. However, when I return, I will be back on a twice-weekly schedule! And shortly after I return, my new book,┬áThe Time Traveler’s Pocket Guide will be available for sale online! That’s right. […]

Delayed comic next week (April 15)

Hey all! Just a quick note that next week’s Magpie Luck update will probably not be up until Friday evening!

Returning March 24

I’ll be resuming Magpie Luck on March 24 with a once-a-week update schedule. This will be changed back to a twice-a-week schedule this summer.

On Hiatus!

Hey all! I know I haven’t been too good at keeping the blog part of Magpie Luck updated, aside from with comments about changes in update schedule. Unfortunately, this is no exception. Starting this week, Magpie Luck is going on hiatus for probably a month or so. But it’s not all bad news! The reason […]

Holiday Update Schedule

With the upcoming holidays, I’ll be a bit busy with holiday-type things. Here is what you can expect here in the way of updates in the next couple weeks! Tuesday, December 21: Evening update, normal comic Thursday, December 23: Evening Update, Special Christmastime Art (which may be of poor quality, as I may be without […]

Original Art for Sale

Hey all! While you wait on Tuesday’s strip (it will be up tonight!), could I perchance interest you in some Magpie Luck original art? I will be working on setting up a system for the in the Store soon, but in the mean time, if you want to hurry up and claim a particular favorite, […]

Extra Strip Next Week

Due to me using most of my energy to fight off a cold right now, there’s not going to be a Tuesday comic again this week. But to make it up, there will be an extra strip next week!

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